Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Easter Fragrance.

I caught the Great British Bake off on television the other night – quite by accident you understand.   It was the Easter Masterclass with Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood showing us how we can have a more calorific Easter.  It was Paul’s task to bake the ultimate hot cross buns and I must say they looked quite delicious. 

While he was kneading away at his dough, Paul recalled the days when his father’s bakery turned out thousands of hot cross buns every Easter.   And he had ways of making sure everyone know they were on the go.  He would mix in some bun essence with a pail of water and then wash the floor of the shop.  Everyone who came in was wrapped in the fragrance of the hot cross buns.  Even more craftily, he placed a capful of bun essence above the extractor fan so that the fragrance would flow out from the shop to hook unsuspecting passersby.  

That’s how to pack them in and ship out thousands of hot cross buns!

The Apostle Paul writes of Christians as a fragrance that leads people to  knowledge of Christ.  (2 Corinthians 2: 12-17)  He is realistic enough to know that not everyone will be captivated but to many the Gospel we share and the values we embrace will be ‘the fragrance of life’.  That is what it means to live the Easter faith.  There is too much in the world that gives off the stench of death, the materialism, the violence, the injustice.  Those who have been touched by the story of Christ and live by His ways can show a better way leading to renewal, the fragrance of life that flows from self-sacrifice, compassion and truth.  

Mr Hollywood’s bakery poured out a fragrance that drew people in to taste and see.  An Easter people, pouring out the fragrance of Christ, brings the hope of life to the world.